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Hotspot Solutions

Hotspot Solution

Wireless Internet Solution for Hotels

Demand for high speed Internet access in locations outside the home e.g. Hotel, office is growing rapidly, creating a fresh opportunity for those who can meet these market demands.

What is a Hotspot?

AIKA’s Hotspot solutions are wireless gateways that come with built-in accounting, authentication and access (AAA). The hotspot connects to a modem and to your broadband connection, and will broadcast a wireless signal that provides Internet connection for up to 1000 users at a time from a single location.

How does a Hotspot work?

The AIKA Hotspot Solution comes with a built-in accounting and billing system that allows you to sell Internet access in blocks of minutes, hours or days. You set the rate, you sell the time and you collect the cash.

A printer is included and is used to generate user names and passwords and to print receipts.

To ensure fast and efficient processing of sales just punch the buttons for the required amount of access time and out prints the receipt which includes user name, password, time purchased and price.

When the user time expires the AIKA Hotspot solution will disconnect their computer, Mobile tab or any device from the internet.