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IPTV Solutions (HD-IPTV)

IPTV Solutions by AIKA (HD-IPTV)

AIKA IPTV Integration services brings together all the resources necessary for clients to launch a successful IPTV video service. As a comprehensive offering, our solution pulls from more than 4 years of experience as an operator working on 3 different middleware solutions. AIKA can install, service and manage your complete IPTV solution from end to end.
AIKA provides a turn-key solution that includes all the products and services instrumental in deploying a successful IPTV service. AIKA’s IPTV solution is not limited to a specific hardware or access platform such as DSL or FTTH.

AIKA is unique because we have direct operational experience as an independent telephone company and cable operator that provides IPTV service to our own service area. AIKA truly uses the same solutions it integrates and supports for other operators.

AIKA’s IPTV solutions meet a variety of client needs – the installation of new or the upgrade of existing video headend systems, aggregated IP video headend systems and HD overlay systems; the complete IPTV platform creation or the product management, integration, installation and support of an existing system.