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What Clients Say

Ministry of health

We've enjoyed working with AIKA on this project. Although at first we had concerns the project hit a slow down, AIKA have lived up to their promise of meeting our expectations and meet our requests at almost every turn. They aim for 10/10 and have earned it. Any issues were corrected, we have no regrets that we chose AIKA for this project and would happily use them again.

Dyar Hotels & Resorts

AIKA was real pleasure to work with, They took great care in the technical aspect to have a full understanding of our needs, they showed great initiative by proposing multiple design options to choose from and they work tirelessly, according to our time zone to complete the job to 100% customer satisfaction. I will definitely invite AIKA for future projects.

Dar Al-Eman Hotels

AIKA is indeed the company you want to work with. Super fast, always available and he does really care about his clients. He was able to read my mind and deliever something that I did not know I wanted. It is fully functional. It was good working with them. Great company always ready to do beyond my thoughts. Not only they do the work under the scope of project but suggested more better and even execute.

Ministry of education

If you really want to see how a Perfect project can be made then , talk to this Company. Absolutely amazing!!. They are very customer service oriented, works till you are satisfied, perfectionist and above all professional. Communication was better than ANY company I have worked with. Very flexible, great attitude and extremely competent. I look forward to doing all my future work with them.

Western AlMarithia Hotels

He went above and beyond the call of duty. A great company, but more importantly a great individual!. Outstanding work as always, AIKA never fails to impress me with their design sense. Excellent language skills made for very easy communication. Earned my trust for next time. Great skills, great work, good contact and very flexible. Was a pleasure to work with AIKA. Recommended to all.